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Overnight Stay Plan

About accommodation fee

  • At the 44th Kiso Music Festival plan, a wonderful evening where you can enjoy music festival appreciation and ALPINE dinner.

    We enjoyed the 44th Kiso Music Festival held annually at Kiso Cultural Hall,
    It is a plan that guests enjoying staying and staying at ALPINE.
    Also on this day ALPINE became a music festival all the time and the meal time also matched to the musiContinue reading
  • Rainy season from June to early July & Loose accommodation plan before summer vacation!

    Because it is before the summer vacation I made plan that can be relaxedly and relaxingly stayed!
    Shinshu has many spots I would like to visit.Enjoy Shinshu by relaxing and staying continuously.

    Enjoy this dish of our shop and baked bread in thContinue reading
  • 【Half Board Standard plan】Welcome to ALPINE!

    Mama of ALPINE wields her arms
    It is a pension of "Body-friendly cuisine" which uses plenty of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and the like

    We have received favorable reviews with families and children friendly pension, so we will consider aContinue reading
  • 【Children's rates are great】Papa mama is a nice plan!

    ★I would like children to be happy & enjoy it★
        I would like children to take a friendly journey with my wallet★
    Children ate with everything with a smile! I am happy to say that!

    ·Children with kids meal and ice cream are cheaper than otherContinue reading
  • Hotel Price

    ·1 night 2- course ALPINE course meal
    Adult(s), ¥ 9,450, children(Elementary school stud futon meal included), ¥ 7,350
    ·Breakfast Only
    Adult(s), ¥ 6,300, children, 5,250 yen
    ·Only Room/ No Meals Included
    Adult(s), 5,250 yen, children,Continue reading
  • cancellation policy

    2 days before departure date, ···, 30% of room charge
    One day before the departure date, ···, 50% of the room charge
    On the day of departure, ···, 100% of the accommodation fee

    When the accommodation contract is canceled due to the customer's cContinue reading
  • privacy

    Pension ALPINE (hereinafter, our shop) observes laws and other norms concerning personal information,
    We will do everything possible to protect your important personal information.

    About collecting personal information

    In our shop, personal inContinue reading