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It is a seasonal ingredient, beautiful and delicious.

  • For dining and party customers

    Please make a reservation by telephone as it is reservation system.
    name·Date·Number of persons ·Your budget·Pick-up or not·Contents of the meeting
    (Farewell And Welcome Party·Social gathering·Second meeting of wedding ceremony·Judge, Various meetings, party)

    TEL: 0264-23-8001
    mail:info @ p-alpine. co. jp
    We look forward to your reservation!
  • Breakfast plate

    Menus vary depending on season and day
  • Creative cuisine of Japanese & Western mixed

    Popular with women! I am happy that I can enjoy Japanese-style & Western-style mixed creative dishes with my eyes☆
  • course dishes

    Based on the concept of gentle healing to the body taste of various seasons for each season
    I will make you with all my heart.
  • Dinner

    ALPINE's cuisine uses a lot of local vegetables and wild vegetables, harvested vegetables, mushrooms and herbs based on the home taste that I have been cultivating since my husband who loves cooking and loves cooking and acting as a family and friend was the creative cuisine I am enjoying the course cuisine thought the menu for each season.The 15th year 's ALPINE Mama' s cuisine makes you feel comfortable with customers' impressions and the words of "It was delicious" and still studying daily.Have a nice dinner.

    Dinner from 6:30 in the dining room
    Menus vary depending on season and day
  • Breakfast

    【Handmade anpan·Cream bread·Raisin bread·Ham bread·Tuna mayonnaise bread·Blueberry Bread】
    ●Egg dish
    ●Seasonal vegetables stuff
    ●Buckwheat salad with vegetable pickled chips or cold pasta
    ●potato salad
    ●Easy nutritional soup for handmade body, etc.

    Breakfast is served from 8:30 in the morning at the dining room
    Menus vary depending on season and day